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Our training is provided by SELCAT, the South East Line Constructors Apprenticeship and Training. 1-678-423-1338

Our Major Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits are provided by LINECO, the Line Construction Benefit Fund. 1-800-323-7268

Our defined contribution plan is NEAP, the National Electrical Annuity Plan. 1-301-556-4300

Our current NEAP contribution for the Outside Construction Agreement is 20 %

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Pic 2 Bill's Business Manager's Report

As your Business Manager and Financial Secretary, part of Bill Hitt's job is to share the latest Local news with the membership. On this page, you can always find a copy of his latest report and any other media coverage we may have had.

Your Business Manager's Report

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I had an opportunity on Feb. 8th and 9th to visit the Virgin Islands - specifically St. Croix. International President, Lonnie Stephenson, and his assistant, Jerry Westerholm wanted to see the results of the members' hard work.

We had a productive trip and got the chance to meet with most of the members on the island. I then went to Puerto Rico from the 12th through the 16th. As you may know, we lost Brother Rob Langille there.

I had the opportunity to meet with some of the PREPA workers and our brothers who are working with the contractors under Fluor. Willy and I had the chance to visit Cuba with 5th District VP Joe Davis, 349 business manager Bill Riley and a IBEW contingency from the west coast. This was a productive meeting looking forward to future work and prospects.

I am hopeful that as members start coming home, we are able to keep picking up work and hold it through summer. They are calling for another active hurricane season.

We have started looking for a piece of property in South-central Florida. we haven't found anything yet, but we do have our feelers out.

John Harrell held an industry night in South Florida in late March. It turned out to be a great success with over 130 lineman, operators and apprentices stopping by.

Everybody continue to work safe. I look forward to seeing you at the Union Meeting.


Bill Hitt

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