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Quick References

Click to pay your DUES online.

Our training is provided by SELCAT, the South East Line Constructors Apprenticeship and Training. 1-678-423-1338

Our Major Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits are provided by LINECO, the Line Construction Benefeit Fund. 1-800-323-7268

Our defined contribution plan is NEAP, the National Electrical Annuity Plan. 1-301-556-4300

Our current NEAP contribution for the Outside Construction Agreement is 19.5 %

Click the image below to see how PowerNet Credit Union can help you with all your financial needs.

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Navigating the Forum . . .

. . . is as easy following a few simple instructions.

IBEW Local 222 has instituted a new form of communication for members, families, employees, affiliates and prospective participants.

For your convenience, we recently set up an open forum at www.MyLocal222.org. To participate in discussions regarding everything related to Local 222, simply click the link. You will need to register and login, and then proceed to the forum to have conversations with fellow members and many others.

Should you need help with registration, please read the step by step instructions below. And should you require additional help, please either contact the office and ask Alison for help or send an email to her here.

Registering and Using MyLocal222.org

  • 1. Type 'www.mylocal222.org' in the web browser.

  • 2. Click the button titled 'register.'

  • 3. Read and agree to the terms and conditions of service.

  • 4. Complete and submit the registration form by creating a username, entering your email address, and creating a password.

  • 5. Log in to proceed to the forum.

  • Please understand no amount of spamming will be tolerated. Nor will any amount of unethical or questionable behavior. We ask that you keep in mind this forum is family-friendly. In keeping with that, we will not be tolerating any misconduct. At first occurence, user will be warned. Should the warning not be heeded, the user's account will be terminated and banned from re-registration.

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