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Click to pay your DUES online.

Our training is provided by SELCAT, the South East Line Constructors Apprenticeship and Training. 1-678-423-1338

Our Major Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits are provided by LINECO, the Line Construction Benefit Fund. 1-800-323-7268

Our defined contribution plan is NEAP, the National Electrical Annuity Plan. 1-301-556-4300

Our current NEAP contribution for the Outside Construction Agreement is 20 %

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Contacting the Office Staff

Our Main Office is located in the rural town of Reddick, Florida.

For the convenience of members working in and traveling to south Florida, we also have a Satellite Office stationed in the area. Our Satellite Office is run primarily by Willy Dezayas. He is the Local Union's President and South Florida Representative.

Should you find yourself in need of assistance, please contact which ever Office you feel will best accommodate your needs.

Main Office, Reddick

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Phone: 352-591-3332
Fax: 352-591-3270

Address: 17846 N. US Hwy 441 Reddick, FL. 32686

To contact the Main Office via Email:

Bill Hitt:

Willy Dezayas:

John Harrell:

Danny Marshall:

Alison Soracchi:

Satellite Office

(located in the bottom SW corner of Local 349's building)

Please call to ensure someone if available to assist you.

Phone: 305-324-1215
Fax: 305-324-1217

Address: 1657 NW 17th Avenue
Miami, FL 33125

To contact the Satellite Office via Email:

Willy Dezayas:

Local 222 Officers

President: William Dezayas
Vice President: John Harrell
Recording Sec.: Fred Morgan
Treasurer: Shelby Mathis
Bus. Man. & Fin. Sec.: Bill Hitt

Robert Pitts
Danny Powell
James Puzon
Brent Ruedeman

Examining Board:
Pat O'Connor

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